Newbie Tuesdays: What to wear to the mall

For people who have lived here for a while this probably seems a stupid question but I definitely wondered it when I was back in Australia. So don’t worry, you’re not the only stupid one!

I dress pretty conservatively when I go to the mall. Always cover my legs and shoulders. So that’s jeans or maxi dress (although they’re not really in fashion anymore are they? Let’s say maxi skirt!). I rarely wear just a t-shirt, preferring to also sling on a cardi and a scarf. Unless the top goes below my elbows and has a high-ish neck-line (i.e. no cleavage), in which case I don’t worry with the extra draping. It gets cold inside, especially in the supermarkets so a scarf chucked in the bag is always safe. It’s totally fine to wear something short with tights or leggings.

People dress well here and a trip to the mall is a chance to be seen so if you want to fit in, dress nice! There is nothing more eye catching than a pair of pale legs in daggy shorts and flip flops.

I have seen heaps of people dressed in singlets and short skirts in the malls, but I wouldn’t do it. One of the things I first noticed about Doha is the ratio of men:women. There are so many men! And I don’t fancy being eye candy. Also there’s the cultural sensitivity thing. But I think the biggest incentive to cover up is other expats! They will be the ones to eye you off if you’re dressed inappropriately. Case in point, blogger Amanda at An Expat Cooks has very strong opinions about this with hilarious results. So if you want to make friends, err on the prudish side, love.

Here are some (indoor) street-style images by nomad* blog to get you inspired. You can also check out my ‘Doha Fashion Ideas’ board on Pinterest

You can also check out my guide for what to wear to work and what to wear in your compound.

Images from nomad*. Feature image from here


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3 Responses to “Newbie Tuesdays: What to wear to the mall”
  1. Rashad Al-Aani says:

    I am a student at Northwestern University in Qatar. My Friends and I are working on our final project for the summer course class that we’re taking: Journalism; Reporting and Writting. We’re investigating the issue of dress code in Qatar. We would like to meet with you, soon, to ask few questions. It will be in the form of an audio slideshow.

    The project is due Tuesday morning, in two days. So please let us know if/when you’re available for an interview.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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