Where can I find … a good cheap massage in Qatar?

Massage table

When I lived in Sydney, I had to visit a masseuse every 8 weeks or I’d get terrible headaches. It’s a back thing. It wasn’t a scented candles, de-stressing, relaxation massage. It was hell. It was pain. But it kept me healthy so I didn’t mind.

I hoped to find a similar setup in Doha. With so many hotels and beauty spas there had to a good masseuse who charged a reasonable price in town, right?

Wrong. And I’ll tell you what, I’d rather have a headache than pay QR350 for a 40-minute massage. No way.

So I go to Inner Peace at City Centre. It’s a small shop down one of those random offshoots on level 2, opposite the entrance to the Marriot Renaissance Hotel.

It’s not the Four Seasons. It’s not even the Rotana. The cubicles are small and the walls paper thin but the staff are lovely and you can get a 1-hour full body massage for QR180. If you ask me, for that price you can stuff your warm towels and lavender baths in a sack!

And they’ve just opened at the Sheraton Recreation Center so you can get the same service for the same price in a slightly nicer setting and grab a gluten-free pizza from La Veranda afterwards!

The whole thing is very no frills. At the end you get a polystyrene cup of green tea which is so hot and so full of leaves that you can’t even drink it. They only seem to have 1 CD:Celine Dion’s classic hits played by pan flute. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get a coat hanger to hang your clothes on. Sometimes.

But who cares! It feels amazing and costs less than a brunch.

You can contact them at +974 4411 5728. The City Centre branch only has male masseurs which I highly recommend for anyone who has bad knots and needs some strong hands.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or asked to write this. I’m just a fan of good cheap service and the Titanic theme played by pan flute.

inner peace spa

Image via Josue Osuna and taken by me.

Where do you get massages in Doha? Do you use it as an opportunity to splurge or save?

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2 Responses to “Where can I find … a good cheap massage in Qatar?”
  1. bev says:

    Oh velvet thank you so much for this. I was contemplating to go to Sharq Village for a massage although the QR 300 hurts my pocket. I’ll definitely check this out.

    • Velvet says:

      Let me know how it goes – apparently the Sheraton branch have just put their prices up. I’d love to know if it’s true. If the price has gone up I would recommend trying elsewhere. I think that anywhere from QR250 upwards can afford you quite a luxurious experience that the Sheraton does not offer.