Where can I find … gluten-free flour

Gluten free flour

Since giving up gluten nearly 2 years ago I have had an inextricable desire to bake. It’s really very poor timing. If I was in Sydney it would be fine – just go to an overpriced healthfood store and you’re sorted. Here in Doha, not so much. We have to hunt a little harder for our gluten-free flour*.

The options I have discovered so far are:

Megamart – The Centre

You can go to Megamart and pick up a huge array of gluten-free flours for a hefty sum. But if you know me you’ll know that anything involving extoritionate prices is not my bag. They don’t call it Megabucks for nothing and that nickname alone is enough to keep me away. But if you don’t care about the money then seriously go – it’s like the Wonka’s of gluten-free in there! They also stock gluten free flower at Megamart Express near Sports Roundabout.

Family Food Center – Al Rayyan

Family Food Center is my gluten-free flour provider of choice. Here you can pick up a 680 g bag of Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour for QR25 (AUS$7) which is kind of expensive but I think its a bloody bargain compared to what you could be paying elsewhere. You can also get tapioca flour, arrowroot, millet flour, corn flour and white rice flour. Sometimes they have other goodies in there, you just have to be lucky. You can find this stuff in the aisle with the spices, near the fruit and veg. They also have coconut oil, in case you’re interested.

A lot of the gluten-free goodies come in random bags with no brand, so it’s worth a dig.

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GNC Live Well – City Center Mall

GNC is essentially a vitamin store but they’ve just started stocking food as well. It’s a bit pricier than Family Food Center but I think in time they will have a really good range. As far as I can see, only the City Center branch sells gluten-free flour. They also sell things like Stevia so it’s worth the hassle of the abysmal parking options that City Center has to offer.

Your local shop

The shop in your compound could be a veritable treasure trove of gluten-free flour! My local ‘Walmart’ (ha!) has chickpea flour, white rice flour and raggi seed flour. However, it pains me to add that you’d best give the bag a really good look-over before you purchase. There may be a few bugs or nasties in there if it’s been sitting around for a while.


I’m yet to see any gluten-free flour in Carrefour, but they do have ‘almond powder’ at the nuts and spices counter which I use as almond flour (it’s not, it’s way too coarse to be flour). It’s the same price as almonds, about QR 60/kg, and is great for making muffins, pancakes and bread. I also get coconut powder from here which is essentially just dessicated coconut but is also great for muffins and cakes.


Oh I should mention that often flour is called powder. It’s the same (except in the case of almond and coconut powder. Confusing much?)


What do I do with it?


I make a blend and use it in the place of regular wheat flour. My combo is:

1 cup brown rice flour

1 cup tapioca flour

½ cup millet flour


If I want to make self raising flour, I add 2 teaspoons of baking powder.

To make muffins, I use 1 cup flour blend, 1 cup almond powder, 1 cup coconut powder. Perfecto.


*I’m talking about flour here, not packets of cake mix etc. I don’t use them as I prefer to cook from scratch, although they’re also available around the place.

Where do you find your gluten-free gold?

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