How to: cancel your Kahramaa account

Rooftop Water Tanks Qatar

Rooftop Water Tanks Qatar

If you’re leaving the country or moving house, you’ll probably have to cancel your water and electricity accounts with Kahramaa. Like pretty much everything in Qatar, it must be done in person, so here’s an easy guide to follow to make the process painless (ish).

Meter Readings

Before you can cancel your account you need to get a meter reading of both your electricity and water supply yourself. This is so they can make sure there are no outstanding payments to be made. The electricity meters are usually locked in a cupboard near your apartment or villa. You’ll probably need to get your landlord, reals estate agent or someone from Building Management to send someone to open it for you. The water metres are usually kept near the water tanks (i.e. on the roof! See photo above. It was charming.). If you’re in a shared building then all the meters will be kept together, so it’s helpful to have a copy of your water and electricity numbers on hand (you can usually find them above your front door).

Kahramaa like to see a photo of the readings, so I recommend using a smart phone. If you don’t have a smart phone I guess a digital camera is fine, or you could get a letter signed by Building Management. If you just write it down then you could be lying, couldn’t you? Bloody scammer.


To speed up the process once you’re at Kahramaa, get all your paperwork ready before you go. Jump on their website and download and print this Service Application Form (other forms are available on the Kahramaa website). Select 4a) Final Bill Settlement, then look on page 3 for the documents you’ll be required to take to cancel your account:

  • Deposit receipt
  • Copy of property certificate (i.e. rental contract)
  • Policy plan

To be honest, they didn’t ask to see any of my documents but always better to be safe than sorry, right?

At Kahramaa

Head to the ‘Kahramaa Substation’ on Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street, off Burger King Roundabout. There is plenty of parking next to the building. Here’s a link to the Google map.

  • Enter the door on the left.

Kahramaa Substation Doha

  • When you walk in, take a number.
  • Then get your meter reading signed off at the desk immediately on the right. There isn’t a sign above his desk (unless you count the very motivational ‘Achievement’ poster ) so if you’re confused, ask the nice security guard for directions.
  • Give the guy at the desk your phone with the photos of your meter readings & he will enter the numbers on your Service Application Form, stamp it & sign.
  • Take a seat amongst the other men (for this is one of the many places in Qatar that is a total man party) & wait for your number to be called on the electronic screen (I waited about 5 mins at 9.30 am).
  • Go to your allocated desk and say you’re here to cancel your Kahramaa and hand over the Service Application Form. They will ask for your QID card to make a copy. They might ask for the other documents you’ve brought but they didn’t ask me for anything other than QID.
  • This guy will then deduct your outstanding bill from your deposit & give you another form with your remaining amount to receive as a cheque & will point you to the desk where you can pick up your cheque (for me it was Desk 1).
  • If the cheque guy is busy, hand over your QID & the deposit form, take a seat back in the waiting area & he will call you up.
  • While you wait, entertain yourself by wondering what the strange man raising his voice & flailing his hands around is so irate about. The lack of healthy eating options in malls, I reckon.
  • When your name is called, dodge the screamer, pick up your cheque and khalas! You’re done.

Depositing your dosh

Your cheque from Kahramaa will be a QNB cheque so you can either go to a QNB branch and collect the money as cash, or go to your bank and deposit it there. It will then take about an hour to clear. Oh and the cheque is written in Arabic so try to go to a teller who, you know, reads Arabic.

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