The openness of expats

Friends in Doha

If you’re thinking of relocating, and you’re moving to a place like Qatar which is full of expats, I’ve got good news for you. They are waiting for you with open arms!

When people ask me whether it’s easy to meet people in Qatar my answer is always yes. Absolutely. Yes.

Expats are so open. Too open? Sure, sometimes. But that’s a good thing. You should be able to tell immediately if that person is for you or not. And if you think you might have found a keeper, you’d better open up too, because you’ve just found your support network and if they’re going to support you, they need to know you. Really know you.

Previous locations. Life changing moments. List of siblings. Pet peeves. Bad habits. Share people, share, share, share.

Because I want to know, can we celebrate Christmas together? And then New Years a few nights later? Can I come to your place for a wine on Thursday night after I’ve had a terrible week at work? Can I tell you when I’m missing home? Will you feed my pet while I’m away? Will you bring me food when I’m sick, or coffee when I’m sick of it?

Can you plug the gaping hole that used to be filled by my family and life-long friends. Like, tomorrow?

Also, my parents are flying in next week. Do you want to meet them?

Oh yes, it’s like speed dating. When my parents came to visit, I made sure that my people met them. My friends need to know who raised me, and my parents need to know who’s looking after me now. When they ask what you did on the weekend and you reply “Breakfast at the Grand Hyatt with Scott and Nadia” for the 10th time, it helps if they know who you’re talking about.

And trust me, if you get along well with Scott and Nadia, you probably will see them 10 weekends in a row.


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