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My husband and I moved to Doha last week.

I read that you are working in publishing? I’m looking for a job, as an online content manager. Can you give me any direction of where to start looking for jobs in this area?




Hi Reader,

My number 1 piece of advice for anyone looking for work is to NETWORK. Meet as many people as you can and tell them you’re looking for work. Don’t be shy – most couples move here with only 1 of them having a job.

If you are looking for work in online publishing, I think a good place to start would be ICTQatar ( If they don’t have any jobs available, they would definitely have some events coming up that are usually free to attend and a great way to network and let people know that you’re looking for permanent work.

I would also contact as many publishers as possible e.g. magazines and newspapers that have an online presence. They don’t necessarily need a website – people are publishing so much on platforms like Twitter and Instagram that you could possibly look for a role via that angle. You could also look into Al Jazeera, although you would probably need a background in Journalism for them to consider you.

If you’re struggling to find work as a manager, try for a role as a contributor so that you can get some experience and make some contacts. When I lived in Doha I was approached to contribute as a freelancer quite often (but could not accept the work as I was already contracted to my sponsor).

Oh and some unsolicited advice … make sure your personal online accounts are looking top notch. There’s nothing worse than someone applying to be an online content manager when they haven’t sent a tweet since 2013.

Good luck.


Image via ICTQatar 
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