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West Bay, Doha


I have been approached regarding an opportunity to work on the upcoming metro tunnel that is going to be built in Doha for the World Cup.

I’ll be moving there alone, so could you please tell me about accommodation type, price and availability? Are there 1 or 2 year contracts?




Hi Reader,

Accommodation options are varied. I would recommend living as close to your work as possible as traffic is a huge problem.

Apartments for 1 person are few and far between. Most are located in West Bay or the Pearl. The quality of these is great and most come with a nice view. Last I looked, apartments cost between QR6,000 and 11,000  per month, but prices are rising faster than a Land Cruiser up a road shoulder. A villa in a compound with small garden would cost 11,000 to 15,000. Ideally your company should be offering a generous accommodation allowance. If they’re not, I suggest you push for that.

Contracts are usually for a year, but sometimes landlords ask for a 2 year contract. Or you could ask for a 2-year contract, if you think the price is likely to go up after a year. Once you’ve settled on the contract time, you have to write out and hand over the amount of cheques for each month of your contract and give them to your real estate agent in advance. So, if your contract is for a year, you have to write out 12 cheques and hand them over.

Scary, huh? And tiresome. Make sure that when you’re signing your cheques you don’t get sore and lazy like I did so that your signature starts to drag. The cheque will bounce and you’ll have to go to your real estate agent’s head office to prove your identity. And you know it’s going to be hard to find, when you get there you won’t be able to find a park and then the agent will be out of the office. So take a writing break at around cheque 6, ok?

I hope this helps.


Image via Ignacia Gallego (modified for Pinterest).

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