Resources for pregnant women in Qatar

Pregnant in Qatar

If I ever pictured my pregnancy, I imagined myself surrounded by friends and family who diligently escorted me to ultrasounds and kept watch over my belly for 9 months. In reality, no one from my family saw me pregnant, except via Skype. And that’s ok. Because although having a baby abroad can be a lonely […]

Driving in Qatar: Staying Sane

Staying sane

I’ve given my advice on how to get comfortable on the roads in Qatar (hint: practice!) in a previous blog post, but what should you do once you’re safely (ha!) in the saddle? How can you make it through the daily dash to work, the crawl to Carrefour or the Friday night fury? Here are […]

Reader Qn: Apartments

West Bay, Doha

Hi, I have been approached regarding an opportunity to work on the upcoming metro tunnel that is going to be built in Doha for the World Cup. I’ll be moving there alone, so could you please tell me about accommodation type, price and availability? Are there 1 or 2 year contracts? Regards, Reader   Hi […]

Are you prepared for an accident in Qatar?

Medic Image

Ok, a disclaimer: The following blog is based on a medical emergency I witnessed. I will give my account of events but I am not a doctor or medical professional. I am not qualified to give medical advice. On then… There was an accident in the apartment building where I live. A man fell very […]

The openness of expats

Friends in Doha

If you’re thinking of relocating, and you’re moving to a place like Qatar which is full of expats, I’ve got good news for you. They are waiting for you with open arms! When people ask me whether it’s easy to meet people in Qatar my answer is always yes. Absolutely. Yes. Expats are so open. Too open? […]

Why my blog went quiet

The Pearl, Qatar

  10 years ago I worked in a hotel in a small Austrian ski village. It wasn’t a great experience – I ended up resigning after deciding that I didn’t really like cleaning the loos of English package tourists for €0.76/hour on a mountain with no snow. I had nothing to lose and the boss […]

Reader Question: Pay + working in the media

media in Qatar

  “Hi, I’m a journalist and have got an interview with a company based in Doha. I was wondering whether you could give me any information about what Qatar is like for writers/editors? Also, what is the pay like? From reading various forums I get the impression I should be looking at a salary around […]

Doing time in Doha


    My friend Mark came back from a 4-day holiday on an exotic island last week. We were out at dinner when someone asked him how it feels to be back in Doha (it’s a common question, I’m not sure why but we all ask it!). He couldn’t quite put into words how he […]

What to do if your dog dies in Qatar

Bliss at Al Safliya

I’m going to share something with you that I really don’t want to. Nope, don’t want to talk about it at all. But I’m going to, because it’s important to me and might be important to you. My dog, Bliss, passed away last week. We knew it was coming for about 6 months. She was […]

Reader Qn: Serviced apartment in West Bay

Marriot Renaissance Doha

“Hi there,   I am relocating to Doha next month from Washington DC and my main concern is finding a place to live.  My new gig puts me up in a hotel for 2 weeks, but then I am going to have to find something.  I am looking for something small and convenient to West […]

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