What’s it like to live in Doha? A Q&A

Doha dhow and skyline

I did a little Q & A with InterNations recently about expat life in Doha. You can check it out here. InterNations is an online expat community. To join, you have to be invited by someone who is already a member. Once you’re approved there are different membership levels to choose from (i.e. free or […]

9 Rules for Expats in Qatar

Rules Qatar

I have written a guest post for the Matador Network titled ‘9 Rules for Expats in Qatar’. I really enjoyed writing this piece and having a chuckle about the unusual rules we expats follow here. I think you can become so accustomed to them that you forget that they once seemed foreign. I know a lot of […]

Qatar Ramadan Diary: Simply confusing for an expat


Below is my original piece for Doha News and their Ramadan Diary. As I’ve said, due to a timing conflict, this is not what I submitted. You can view my reviewed, published piece here. I find it quite funny that I wrote this before Ramadan started. It’s so perky and optimistic! I still believe it’s true, I’m […]

Ramadan – 2 weeks in

Ramadan 2 weeks

A few weeks ago I was invited by Doha News to write a guest post for their Ramadan Diary feature. The brief was: “We are looking for anecdotes, thoughts, reflections, experiences on Ramadan. The experiences/thoughts can be good/bad/black/white/gray and come from non-Muslims and Muslims”. So pretty broad, really. I originally wrote a piece about my […]

Guest Post: Adopting a dog in Qatar

Adopting a dog

For many expats, the move to Qatar offers the perfect opportunity to get that family dog that you’ve always dreamed of. Often, 1 spouse will not be working, allowing the necessary time and energy to be dedicated to dog ownership. There are hundreds of homeless dogs in Qatar. Careless breeding, a lack of understanding about animal welfare […]

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