Newbie Tuesdays: Learning to drive in Qatar

Trucks in Doha

The driving conditions in Qatar are infamous, and rightly so. In fact, you are more likely to die in a vehicle accident in Qatar than from a stroke, according to a study published in 2014, which is the highest ratio in the world. So, that’s scary. And made more so by the fact that many […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Clothes I wear to death in Qatar

clothes in qatar

  Before I moved to Qatar I obsessed about what to wear. Obsessed. Now that I’m here, I can see that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all about staples and layers. One of the best pieces of advice I got about dressing in Qatar was from Kirsty at  4 kids, 20 suitcases and a […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Outlay for your move to Qatar

outlay expat qatar

  There is a common preconception that all expats, especially ones living in the Middle East, are rolling in money.  And fair enough I guess – from the outside I can see how it seems that way: tax free, nice house, lots of travel etc etc. And let’s face it, many people wouldn’t ditch their […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The medical test


In order to get a Residency Permit for Qatar, every expat must have a medical test to make sure they don’t have any infectious diseases. They take blood and do an X-ray to screen for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and HIV. My medical test took place around 1 year ago. In 2011 this was the day before […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Ramadan – what to expect

Ramadan lamp

I’ve written a guest post for yTravel Blog on Ramadan in Qatar from an expat’s point of view. Pop over and check it out if you’re wondering what to expect. If it sounds full on don’t worry – Ramadan’s great fun and if you follow all the rules you’ll be fine. The best advice I can give is, […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The pill


To my amazement, you can get the pill over the counter in any chemist/Boots in Qatar. Actually, in many places it’s not even over the counter. It’s on a shelf next to the counter, where the Freddo Frogs and Jellybeans should be! Is that just too radical and completely unexpected or what? Brands I’ve seen […]

Newbie Tuesdays: What to wear to the mall

What to wear

For people who have lived here for a while this probably seems a stupid question but I definitely wondered it when I was back in Australia. So don’t worry, you’re not the only stupid one! I dress pretty conservatively when I go to the mall. Always cover my legs and shoulders. So that’s jeans or […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The cold

Winter in doha

A while ago I wrote about The Heat in Qatar. We all know get’s hot. It’s nothing new. And I can now safely say that, after a few false starts, the heat is well and truly here. But as summer rolls around, I think it’s time to bring up something that has been bothering me […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Burnout


I just came back from a holiday in Austria. I feel good. Refreshed. Happy to be back. It was my first holiday since arriving in July 2011. In case you can’t be bothered to do the maths, that’s about 8 months or, in simpler terms, too long. You see, I burnt out. From the day […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Embracing the Tom Tom

Tom Tom

Oh I love my Tom Tom. It is the reason I am still in a couple, I am sure of it. And I’m so glad we brought it with us to Doha cause as a newbie it has been a saviour! We bought ours in France during our 5-month European road trip. It was es.sent.ial. It […]

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