Reader Qn: Online editorial jobs in Qatar


Hi, My husband and I moved to Doha last week. I read that you are working in publishing? I’m looking for a job, as an online content manager. Can you give me any direction of where to start looking for jobs in this area? Regards, Reader   Hi Reader, My number 1 piece of advice […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The medical test


In order to get a Residency Permit for Qatar, every expat must have a medical test to make sure they don’t have any infectious diseases. They take blood and do an X-ray to screen for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and HIV. My medical test took place around 1 year ago. In 2011 this was the day before […]

Your job in Qatar

Offices in Doha

I’m going to tell you something about your job in Qatar. It’s not what you think. It might look the same. You may have a job title resembling the job you had at home. You might even have a job description that outlines the role you have signed up for and you might recognise some […]

Newbie Tuesdays: What to wear at work

What to wear to work

Before I came to Qatar I was told that our office had passed a new rule stipulating that women had to wear pants. Turns out that a few of the ladies were showing a bit too much leg in their skirts. For shame! But even if it’s not a rule, I’d still wear pants. There […]

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