3 reasons to get fit in Doha

Get Fit Doha

I don’t know about you, but I was a real sloth this summer. Any day of the week I could find a dozen reasons to not exercise. But now that winter’s on its way I’ve got no excuse. In fact, I’ve even found 3 great reasons to hit the treadmill. Health gurus are always trying […]

Where can I find … a good cheap massage in Qatar?

Massage in Doha

When I lived in Sydney, I had to visit a masseuse every 8 weeks or I’d get terrible headaches. It’s a back thing. It wasn’t a scented candles, de-stressing, relaxation massage. It was hell. It was pain. But it kept me healthy so I didn’t mind. I hoped to find a similar setup in Doha. […]

8 Reasons to stay in Doha this summer

Summer in Doha

It’s that time again. The time of the mass exodus when the school year ends and thousands of expats, mainly mums and kids, take to the skies and head back home, leaving a golf club full of husbands and fathers behind. Many go for the full 3 months of summer, preferring to stay in their home country […]

Where can I find … an egg cup?

egg cup

I know. This sounds like a weird request. But I love soft boiled eggs or as I like to call them, dippy eggs, but search as I might I just could NOT find an egg cup anywhere. When I first arrived I just used the lid of the egg carton but that’s a real pain […]

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