Doing time in Doha


    My friend Mark came back from a 4-day holiday on an exotic island last week. We were out at dinner when someone asked him how it feels to be back in Doha (it’s a common question, I’m not sure why but we all ask it!). He couldn’t quite put into words how he […]

Gangnam Style in Doha

Gangnam Styel Doha

That is all.

Qatar in Pictures, August 2012

August Slider

Images top left to right: A wreck that haunts me every day; Eid chocolates, a gift from the Aspire Zone; Drinking water … yuk; A confusing ad when you don’t know what day Eid actually starts; 40 at 8.30 am; The vegetable section at Family Food Al Rayyan. I never know what anything is; The […]



Lately I’ve been looking back over the past year and what it felt to be a newbie in Doha. So this post seems fitting. I wrote it just under a year ago (you can tell because I refer to the, now dry, Mango Tree Sun Downers). This really was a huge issue when I was […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The medical test


In order to get a Residency Permit for Qatar, every expat must have a medical test to make sure they don’t have any infectious diseases. They take blood and do an X-ray to screen for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and HIV. My medical test took place around 1 year ago. In 2011 this was the day before […]

Your job in Qatar

Offices in Doha

I’m going to tell you something about your job in Qatar. It’s not what you think. It might look the same. You may have a job title resembling the job you had at home. You might even have a job description that outlines the role you have signed up for and you might recognise some […]

Qatar in Pictures, June 2012

June Feature

 Images left to right: A rooftop at Souq Waqif; Removalists waiting for a job near Equestrian Roundabout; Looking down into the lobby of WDoha; Roadside treasure chest; Summer sunset; June temperatures; Construction near the Corniche; Sidra medical facility.

8 Reasons to stay in Doha this summer

Summer in Doha

It’s that time again. The time of the mass exodus when the school year ends and thousands of expats, mainly mums and kids, take to the skies and head back home, leaving a golf club full of husbands and fathers behind. Many go for the full 3 months of summer, preferring to stay in their home country […]

Qatar in Pictures, May 2012

May Feature

Images from left to right: One of my favorite Qatar signs; the Murakami Ego exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art; Canopy at the new Gordon Ramsay restuarant at the St Regis; Tasters at the opening of Jones The Grocer, The Gate; Sunset at Katara; Qatari chocolates are some of the best you’ll ever taste; […]

It’s Crowded in Doha

crowd doha souk

Has anyone else noticed that it’s really hard to be alone in Qatar? I find myself constantly surrounded by people, and it makes me a bit claustrophobic. I first noticed it after having a mild breakdown at work (nothing major, just the usual story of having trouble getting my RP). I was quite upset and really needed […]

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