What’s it like to live in Doha? A Q&A

Doha dhow and skyline

I did a little Q & A with InterNations recently about expat life in Doha. You can check it out here. InterNations is an online expat community. To join, you have to be invited by someone who is already a member. Once you’re approved there are different membership levels to choose from (i.e. free or […]

Qatar in Pictures, December 2012

December slider

Images top left to right:  Dhow Boat; Outdoor safety campaign on Al Waab St; Vintage cars at Sheikh Faisel Museum; Roof racks on B Ring road; Festive desserts on Qatar National Day; Fort walls; Rock formations near Al Thakira; Not sure what this photo is of!; A basil plant thriving on B Ring road.

Christmas in Qatar is…

Christmas Qatar

Christmas in Qatar is not an assumption. Christmas is a work day. Christmas is celebrated in advance, at brunch, with friends and strangers. Christmas is not affordable, after I spent QR5,000 to find out my dog is dying. Christmas is a story I tell my friends who don’t celebrate it. Christmas is a ‘Season’s Greetings’ […]

14 reasons to love Qatar

Qatar National Day

Happy Qatar National Day everyone! To celebrate this auspicious occasion I have compiled a list of some of the things to love about this lovely little boiling hot country.   Everyone calls you ‘Dear’ or ‘Habbibi’ You get to fly Qatar Airways everywhere, the BEST airline in the world! Limes are really cheap (about 15c each) You […]

Event Volunteering in Qatar


  A common comment you might hear around the Qatar water coolers (aka Twitter) is that expats don’t meet enough a) new people, b) diverse people, c) local people. Luckily there is a solution: volunteering! There are heaps of volunteering opportunities in Doha and while I’m not going to go into them all just now, […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Ramadan – what to expect

Ramadan lamp

I’ve written a guest post for yTravel Blog on Ramadan in Qatar from an expat’s point of view. Pop over and check it out if you’re wondering what to expect. If it sounds full on don’t worry – Ramadan’s great fun and if you follow all the rules you’ll be fine. The best advice I can give is, […]

8 Reasons to stay in Doha this summer

Summer in Doha

It’s that time again. The time of the mass exodus when the school year ends and thousands of expats, mainly mums and kids, take to the skies and head back home, leaving a golf club full of husbands and fathers behind. Many go for the full 3 months of summer, preferring to stay in their home country […]

My what’s on in Qatar calendar

This month in Qatar

I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death of : a) hearing about events after they’ve happened b) listening to my friends moan because they only hear about events after they’ve happened. So, rather than reporting events that are coming up this week, I’m compiling a list of every event I hear of […]

Qatar in pictures, April 2012

April Feature

Images from left to right: Empty offices – no one works at night here!; The streets of Doha; Rain; Hamad Aquatic Centre; I finally found a ripe avocado at Family Food Center; Alain Robert AKA ‘Spider Man’ climbs The Torch; A typical car park; TEDxSummit at Katara; No nudity in the change rooms; The view […]

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