Qatar in Pictures, 2013 so far

Katara Qatar


Where can I find … gluten-free flour

Gluten free flour

Since giving up gluten nearly 2 years ago I have had an inextricable desire to bake. It’s really very poor timing. If I was in Sydney it would be fine – just go to an overpriced healthfood store and you’re sorted. Here in Doha, not so much. We have to hunt a little harder for […]

Qatar in Pictures: October/November 2012

November slider

Images (top left to right): Qatar lovin’ from the Cornish; Doha’s Falcon Souq; Camels training on a Saturday; Aspetar in the evening; Incense at Spice Market; Crepe guy at St Regis brunch melts whole chocolate pieces into the batter!; All in a row. Qatar Airways ready to fly; Weather! One of the best things about […]

Itinerary: Visiting Parents – Food and Drink

Jones the Grocer

A while ago I had my parents-in-law (henceforth to be referred to as ‘the in-laws’) visited us in Doha for 2 weeks. I thought I’d post up some of our itinerary in case you too have visitors and run out of ideas of what to do. Here’s the run down on food and bevs, activities […]

Q&A: An expat fasting for Ramadan

Expat Ramadan

Many see Ramadan as a Muslim thing. Sure, expats living in Middle Eastern countries are affected somewhat, but when compared to those who are fasting, the adjustments we have to make can’t really compare. Most people are happy to leave it like that. Not Brooke. An Aussie girl who’s lived here for 4 years, she […]

Qatar in Pictures, May 2012

May Feature

Images from left to right: One of my favorite Qatar signs; the Murakami Ego exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art; Canopy at the new Gordon Ramsay restuarant at the St Regis; Tasters at the opening of Jones The Grocer, The Gate; Sunset at Katara; Qatari chocolates are some of the best you’ll ever taste; […]

Qatar in pictures, April 2012

April Feature

Images from left to right: Empty offices – no one works at night here!; The streets of Doha; Rain; Hamad Aquatic Centre; I finally found a ripe avocado at Family Food Center; Alain Robert AKA ‘Spider Man’ climbs The Torch; A typical car park; TEDxSummit at Katara; No nudity in the change rooms; The view […]

Where can I find…Stevia

Stevia carrot muffins

This week I have some friends are starting the Body Ecololgy Diet after months and months of sickness. Great news! One of essential ingredients you should get into when need to give up sugar is Stevia which is a super sweet powder or liquid extracted from a South American plant. It is completely sugar free, […]

Qatar in Pictures, January 2012

qatar photos january

Images from top left to right: Roger Federer at the Exxon Mobil open; Winter: perfect weather for enjoying a drink outside; Kimodo dragon garden statue. One of the many things expats use to make their villas feel like home; Remains of one of the best burgers in town, at the Doha Golf Club; The Vienna […]

Qatar in Pictures, November 2011

November Feature

Images top left to right: Closure notice at the Doha Golf Club. They were shut down during Eid by the Ministry of Health. I’m glad to say they’re up and running again now!; Media pass from Aspire4Sport conference; The fruit and vegetable section of Carrefour, Villaggio. Also closed down for health violations; Cheese in a […]

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