Where can I find … gluten-free flour

Gluten free flour

Since giving up gluten nearly 2 years ago I have had an inextricable desire to bake. It’s really very poor timing. If I was in Sydney it would be fine – just go to an overpriced healthfood store and you’re sorted. Here in Doha, not so much. We have to hunt a little harder for […]

Where can I find … a good cheap massage in Qatar?

Massage in Doha

When I lived in Sydney, I had to visit a masseuse every 8 weeks or I’d get terrible headaches. It’s a back thing. It wasn’t a scented candles, de-stressing, relaxation massage. It was hell. It was pain. But it kept me healthy so I didn’t mind. I hoped to find a similar setup in Doha. […]

Where can I find…Stevia

Stevia carrot muffins

This week I have some friends are starting the Body Ecololgy Diet after months and months of sickness. Great news! One of essential ingredients you should get into when need to give up sugar is Stevia which is a super sweet powder or liquid extracted from a South American plant. It is completely sugar free, […]

I used to be sick and tired


Did I tell you I’m a health freak now? No? Well it’s true. A bona fide lettuce lover, that’s me. You see I used to be sick and tired. Chronically. For about 10 years. That was me, aged 16, failing French class because I couldn’t focus. I was the chick who fell asleep in her […]

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