Resources for pregnant women in Qatar

Pregnant in Qatar

If I ever pictured my pregnancy, I imagined myself surrounded by friends and family who diligently escorted me to ultrasounds and kept watch over my belly for 9 months. In reality, no one from my family saw me pregnant, except via Skype. And that’s ok. Because although having a baby abroad can be a lonely […]

Are you prepared for an accident in Qatar?

Medic Image

Ok, a disclaimer: The following blog is based on a medical emergency I witnessed. I will give my account of events but I am not a doctor or medical professional. I am not qualified to give medical advice. On then… There was an accident in the apartment building where I live. A man fell very […]

Drink Driving in Qatar. Just don’t.

Drink Driving

There comes a time in many people’s week (or let’s face it, day) when they need to relax, blow off some steam and have a nice glass of … grape juice. Or wheat juice. Or potato juice – whatever. If you are licensed, that juice may be drunk at home. That’s nice. But if you […]

3 reasons to get fit in Doha

Get Fit Doha

I don’t know about you, but I was a real sloth this summer. Any day of the week I could find a dozen reasons to not exercise. But now that winter’s on its way I’ve got no excuse. In fact, I’ve even found 3 great reasons to hit the treadmill. Health gurus are always trying […]

9 Rules for Expats in Qatar

Rules Qatar

I have written a guest post for the Matador Network titled ‘9 Rules for Expats in Qatar’. I really enjoyed writing this piece and having a chuckle about the unusual rules we expats follow here. I think you can become so accustomed to them that you forget that they once seemed foreign. I know a lot of […]

Q&A: An expat fasting for Ramadan

Expat Ramadan

Many see Ramadan as a Muslim thing. Sure, expats living in Middle Eastern countries are affected somewhat, but when compared to those who are fasting, the adjustments we have to make can’t really compare. Most people are happy to leave it like that. Not Brooke. An Aussie girl who’s lived here for 4 years, she […]

Where can I find … a good cheap massage in Qatar?

Massage in Doha

When I lived in Sydney, I had to visit a masseuse every 8 weeks or I’d get terrible headaches. It’s a back thing. It wasn’t a scented candles, de-stressing, relaxation massage. It was hell. It was pain. But it kept me healthy so I didn’t mind. I hoped to find a similar setup in Doha. […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The pill


To my amazement, you can get the pill over the counter in any chemist/Boots in Qatar. Actually, in many places it’s not even over the counter. It’s on a shelf next to the counter, where the Freddo Frogs and Jellybeans should be! Is that just too radical and completely unexpected or what? Brands I’ve seen […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Burnout


I just came back from a holiday in Austria. I feel good. Refreshed. Happy to be back. It was my first holiday since arriving in July 2011. In case you can’t be bothered to do the maths, that’s about 8 months or, in simpler terms, too long. You see, I burnt out. From the day […]

Qatar in Pictures, November 2011

November Feature

Images top left to right: Closure notice at the Doha Golf Club. They were shut down during Eid by the Ministry of Health. I’m glad to say they’re up and running again now!; Media pass from Aspire4Sport conference; The fruit and vegetable section of Carrefour, Villaggio. Also closed down for health violations; Cheese in a […]

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