Reader Qn: Apartments

West Bay, Doha

Hi, I have been approached regarding an opportunity to work on the upcoming metro tunnel that is going to be built in Doha for the World Cup. I’ll be moving there alone, so could you please tell me about accommodation type, price and availability? Are there 1 or 2 year contracts? Regards, Reader   Hi […]

How to: cancel your Kahramaa account

Rooftop Water Tanks Qatar

If you’re leaving the country or moving house, you’ll probably have to cancel your water and electricity accounts with Kahramaa. Like pretty much everything in Qatar, it must be done in person, so here’s an easy guide to follow to make the process painless (ish). Meter Readings Before you can cancel your account you need […]

Reader Question: Pay + working in the media

media in Qatar

  “Hi, I’m a journalist and have got an interview with a company based in Doha. I was wondering whether you could give me any information about what Qatar is like for writers/editors? Also, what is the pay like? From reading various forums I get the impression I should be looking at a salary around […]

Reader Qn: Serviced apartment in West Bay

Marriot Renaissance Doha

“Hi there,   I am relocating to Doha next month from Washington DC and my main concern is finding a place to live.  My new gig puts me up in a hotel for 2 weeks, but then I am going to have to find something.  I am looking for something small and convenient to West […]

Reader Qn: Dog-Friendly Compounds

Dog-friendly compound

  Hi,  My husband and I are considering moving over, and I wanted to find out what compound you lived in; as it seems to be dog friendly. We need a garden as we have a young toddler and a very busy puppy.   Thanks very much, Devoted Reader   Dear Reader, I hope you […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Outlay for your move to Qatar

outlay expat qatar

  There is a common preconception that all expats, especially ones living in the Middle East, are rolling in money.  And fair enough I guess – from the outside I can see how it seems that way: tax free, nice house, lots of travel etc etc. And let’s face it, many people wouldn’t ditch their […]

My first day in Doha

Doha from the air

I arrived in Doha exactly 1 year ago today. I can remember it clearly which isn’t surprising – it was a pivotal day in my life. We arrived on the 6 am flight from Melbourne. I remember straining my neck to see out the window as we landed. I noticed the vast patches of sand between […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Should I use a real estate agent?

Riviera Gardens doha

On the recommendation of a colleague we contacted a real estate agent and were sent Margaret (not her real name of course!). I had emailed them a pretty comprehensive list of what we were looking for in a home. But I’m pretty sure Madge hadn’t even given it a glance cause she took us to […]

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