Qatar in Pictures, 2013 so far

Katara Qatar


Event Volunteering in Qatar


  A common comment you might hear around the Qatar water coolers (aka Twitter) is that expats don’t meet enough a) new people, b) diverse people, c) local people. Luckily there is a solution: volunteering! There are heaps of volunteering opportunities in Doha and while I’m not going to go into them all just now, […]

Qatar in Pictures, May 2012

May Feature

Images from left to right: One of my favorite Qatar signs; the Murakami Ego exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art; Canopy at the new Gordon Ramsay restuarant at the St Regis; Tasters at the opening of Jones The Grocer, The Gate; Sunset at Katara; Qatari chocolates are some of the best you’ll ever taste; […]

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