Itinerary: Visiting Parents – Activities

Visiting Family

Ok, Part 2 of the in-laws itinerary. In case you missed it, my parents-in-law visited us for 2 weeks late September/early October. Below is our activity itinerary in case you need inspiration for your own guests. You can also check out where we ate.   Activities   Chill Out Time This deserves to be placed at the […]

Qatar Ramadan Diary: Simply confusing for an expat


Below is my original piece for Doha News and their Ramadan Diary. As I’ve said, due to a timing conflict, this is not what I submitted. You can view my reviewed, published piece here. I find it quite funny that I wrote this before Ramadan started. It’s so perky and optimistic! I still believe it’s true, I’m […]

Newbie Tuesdays: What to wear to the mall

What to wear

For people who have lived here for a while this probably seems a stupid question but I definitely wondered it when I was back in Australia. So don’t worry, you’re not the only stupid one! I dress pretty conservatively when I go to the mall. Always cover my legs and shoulders. So that’s jeans or […]

Where can I find … Bobbi Brown make-up

Bobbi Brown Counter

I’ve become a bit addicted to Their most well-known blogger, Zoe Foster, loves Bobbi Brown make up and brushes and so, so do I! But where to find it in Doha? City Centre mall, of course, in 4u. I’m not a huge fan of this mall so Bobbi is pretty much the only reason […]

Where can I find … OPI nail polish in Qatar


A friend of mine got me onto OPI Bubble Bath at home and now I can’t go without it. I didn’t manage to bring a bottle from home (which was just so brilliant because in a country where it is perpetually summer you never wear open-toe shoes do you?) and was a little panicked about […]

Where can I find … an egg cup?

egg cup

I know. This sounds like a weird request. But I love soft boiled eggs or as I like to call them, dippy eggs, but search as I might I just could NOT find an egg cup anywhere. When I first arrived I just used the lid of the egg carton but that’s a real pain […]

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