Drink Driving in Qatar. Just don’t.

Drink Driving

There comes a time in many people’s week (or let’s face it, day) when they need to relax, blow off some steam and have a nice glass of … grape juice. Or wheat juice. Or potato juice – whatever. If you are licensed, that juice may be drunk at home. That’s nice. But if you […]



Lately I’ve been looking back over the past year and what it felt to be a newbie in Doha. So this post seems fitting. I wrote it just under a year ago (you can tell because I refer to the, now dry, Mango Tree Sun Downers). This really was a huge issue when I was […]

Where can I find…a place to drink AND play pool?


Like peas and carrots, drinking and pool (snooker, billiards, stick, whatever) were a match made in Friday night heaven. So where can these two friends unite in a country that believes that booze and sport actually don’t mix? Where can you find a place to drink AND play pool? Sadly, there is but one place: The American […]

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