Why my blog went quiet

The Pearl, Qatar

  10 years ago I worked in a hotel in a small Austrian ski village. It wasn’t a great experience – I ended up resigning after deciding that I didn’t really like cleaning the loos of English package tourists for €0.76/hour on a mountain with no snow. I had nothing to lose and the boss […]

Expat habits: Two weddings

Just married

  There is a phenomenon amongst expats that I wasn’t aware of until I partook in it myself. It is the double wedding. As in, get married and then get married again, usually in a different location. Usually with different guests. Sometimes there is a significant time delay. Sometimes there is a delay of just […]

How to: get an exit permit for your husband

spouse exit permit

Some lucky (or not?) ladies get to shed the dreaded trailing spouse tag and actually sponsor their husbands in Qatar. This comes with its own set of complications, one of which is the issue of exit permits.   What is an exit permit? For those of you who are new here, let’s do a brief exit […]

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