What to do if your dog dies in Qatar

Bliss at Al Safliya

I’m going to share something with you that I really don’t want to. Nope, don’t want to talk about it at all. But I’m going to, because it’s important to me and might be important to you. My dog, Bliss, passed away last week. We knew it was coming for about 6 months. She was […]

Reader Qn: Dog-Friendly Compounds

Dog-friendly compound

  Hi,  My husband and I are considering moving over, and I wanted to find out what compound you lived in; as it seems to be dog friendly. We need a garden as we have a young toddler and a very busy puppy.   Thanks very much, Devoted Reader   Dear Reader, I hope you […]

Guest Post: Adopting a dog in Qatar

Adopting a dog

For many expats, the move to Qatar offers the perfect opportunity to get that family dog that you’ve always dreamed of. Often, 1 spouse will not be working, allowing the necessary time and energy to be dedicated to dog ownership. There are hundreds of homeless dogs in Qatar. Careless breeding, a lack of understanding about animal welfare […]

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