Don’t ask why


Not long after I arrived in Doha I was handed a piece of  paper by one of my new friends which was a compiled list of mantras or sayings that expats had adopted to rationalise their new lives and help them get through the many unusual and trying situations they encountered. Top of the list was: […]

4 fab expat quotes by Bill bryson

Bill Bryson quote2

An expat himself, Bill Bryson is an author I just love to read. In many of his travel memoirs he ponders the good and bad bits of expat life. Here are 4 of my favourite quotes. Photo used in first image found here.

“Please take responsibility …”


I love this. It is a message created by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. If you have not watched her TEDtalk, leave this site immediately and go watch it. It will change your life. No hyperbole here. This message was recently made famous when ‘The Oprah’ told us she has it posted in her make up […]

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