Resources for pregnant women in Qatar

Pregnant in Qatar

If I ever pictured my pregnancy, I imagined myself surrounded by friends and family who diligently escorted me to ultrasounds and kept watch over my belly for 9 months. In reality, no one from my family saw me pregnant, except via Skype. And that’s ok. Because although having a baby abroad can be a lonely […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Clothes I wear to death in Qatar

clothes in qatar

  Before I moved to Qatar I obsessed about what to wear. Obsessed. Now that I’m here, I can see that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all about staples and layers. One of the best pieces of advice I got about dressing in Qatar was from Kirsty at  4 kids, 20 suitcases and a […]

Where can I find … gluten-free flour

Gluten free flour

Since giving up gluten nearly 2 years ago I have had an inextricable desire to bake. It’s really very poor timing. If I was in Sydney it would be fine – just go to an overpriced healthfood store and you’re sorted. Here in Doha, not so much. We have to hunt a little harder for […]

Itinerary: Visiting Parents – Activities

Visiting Family

Ok, Part 2 of the in-laws itinerary. In case you missed it, my parents-in-law visited us for 2 weeks late September/early October. Below is our activity itinerary in case you need inspiration for your own guests. You can also check out where we ate.   Activities   Chill Out Time This deserves to be placed at the […]

Qatar in Pictures, August 2012

August Slider

Images top left to right: A wreck that haunts me every day; Eid chocolates, a gift from the Aspire Zone; Drinking water … yuk; A confusing ad when you don’t know what day Eid actually starts; 40 at 8.30 am; The vegetable section at Family Food Al Rayyan. I never know what anything is; The […]

Qatar Ramadan Diary: Simply confusing for an expat


Below is my original piece for Doha News and their Ramadan Diary. As I’ve said, due to a timing conflict, this is not what I submitted. You can view my reviewed, published piece here. I find it quite funny that I wrote this before Ramadan started. It’s so perky and optimistic! I still believe it’s true, I’m […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The pill


To my amazement, you can get the pill over the counter in any chemist/Boots in Qatar. Actually, in many places it’s not even over the counter. It’s on a shelf next to the counter, where the Freddo Frogs and Jellybeans should be! Is that just too radical and completely unexpected or what? Brands I’ve seen […]

Newbie Tuesdays: What to wear to the mall

What to wear

For people who have lived here for a while this probably seems a stupid question but I definitely wondered it when I was back in Australia. So don’t worry, you’re not the only stupid one! I dress pretty conservatively when I go to the mall. Always cover my legs and shoulders. So that’s jeans or […]

Where can I find…Stevia

Stevia carrot muffins

This week I have some friends are starting the Body Ecololgy Diet after months and months of sickness. Great news! One of essential ingredients you should get into when need to give up sugar is Stevia which is a super sweet powder or liquid extracted from a South American plant. It is completely sugar free, […]

Where can I find … Bobbi Brown make-up

Bobbi Brown Counter

I’ve become a bit addicted to Their most well-known blogger, Zoe Foster, loves Bobbi Brown make up and brushes and so, so do I! But where to find it in Doha? City Centre mall, of course, in 4u. I’m not a huge fan of this mall so Bobbi is pretty much the only reason […]

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