Where can I find…a place to drink AND play pool?


Like peas and carrots, drinking and pool (snooker, billiards, stick, whatever) were a match made in Friday night heaven. So where can these two friends unite in a country that believes that booze and sport actually don’t mix? Where can you find a place to drink AND play pool? Sadly, there is but one place: The American […]

Qatar in Pictures, January 2012

qatar photos january

Images from top left to right: Roger Federer at the Exxon Mobil open; Winter: perfect weather for enjoying a drink outside; Kimodo dragon garden statue. One of the many things expats use to make their villas feel like home; Remains of one of the best burgers in town, at the Doha Golf Club; The Vienna […]

Qatar in Pictures, November 2011

November Feature

Images top left to right: Closure notice at the Doha Golf Club. They were shut down during Eid by the Ministry of Health. I’m glad to say they’re up and running again now!; Media pass from Aspire4Sport conference; The fruit and vegetable section of Carrefour, Villaggio. Also closed down for health violations; Cheese in a […]

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