Doing time in Doha


    My friend Mark came back from a 4-day holiday on an exotic island last week. We were out at dinner when someone asked him how it feels to be back in Doha (it’s a common question, I’m not sure why but we all ask it!). He couldn’t quite put into words how he […]

How to: get an exit permit for your husband

spouse exit permit

Some lucky (or not?) ladies get to shed the dreaded trailing spouse tag and actually sponsor their husbands in Qatar. This comes with its own set of complications, one of which is the issue of exit permits.   What is an exit permit? For those of you who are new here, let’s do a brief exit […]

Qatar in Pictures: October/November 2012

November slider

Images (top left to right): Qatar lovin’ from the Cornish; Doha’s Falcon Souq; Camels training on a Saturday; Aspetar in the evening; Incense at Spice Market; Crepe guy at St Regis brunch melts whole chocolate pieces into the batter!; All in a row. Qatar Airways ready to fly; Weather! One of the best things about […]

4 fab expat quotes by Bill bryson

Bill Bryson quote2

An expat himself, Bill Bryson is an author I just love to read. In many of his travel memoirs he ponders the good and bad bits of expat life. Here are 4 of my favourite quotes. Photo used in first image found here.

How To: Holiday-proof your house


As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t been on many holidays since moving to Qatar. I’ve just had my 2nd trip this year and upon my return was met with one of the worst possible sights after 15 hours of travel: a filthy house drowning in dust. I mean drowning. I have never seen so much […]

Taxis in Qatar


  When I moved to Qatar I thought the sun shone out of its proverbial bottom! (Maybe that’s why it’s so hot here?!) To handle all that sun I put on a fancy pair of rose-coloured glasses. Everyone I met was lovely. The heat was fantastic. The dust was picturesque. It was some kind of […]

My first day in Doha

Doha from the air

I arrived in Doha exactly 1 year ago today. I can remember it clearly which isn’t surprising – it was a pivotal day in my life. We arrived on the 6 am flight from Melbourne. I remember straining my neck to see out the window as we landed. I noticed the vast patches of sand between […]

Newbie Tuesdays: Embracing the Tom Tom

Tom Tom

Oh I love my Tom Tom. It is the reason I am still in a couple, I am sure of it. And I’m so glad we brought it with us to Doha cause as a newbie it has been a saviour! We bought ours in France during our 5-month European road trip. It was es.sent.ial. It […]

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