3 reasons to get fit in Doha

Get Fit Doha

I don’t know about you, but I was a real sloth this summer. Any day of the week I could find a dozen reasons to not exercise. But now that winter’s on its way I’ve got no excuse. In fact, I’ve even found 3 great reasons to hit the treadmill. Health gurus are always trying […]

My what’s on in Qatar calendar

This month in Qatar

I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death of : a) hearing about events after they’ve happened b) listening to my friends moan because they only hear about events after they’ve happened. So, rather than reporting events that are coming up this week, I’m compiling a list of every event I hear of […]

Qatar in pictures, April 2012

April Feature

Images from left to right: Empty offices – no one works at night here!; The streets of Doha; Rain; Hamad Aquatic Centre; I finally found a ripe avocado at Family Food Center; Alain Robert AKA ‘Spider Man’ climbs The Torch; A typical car park; TEDxSummit at Katara; No nudity in the change rooms; The view […]

A night at Katara

Katara Ampitheatre

Every now and then, Doha suprises me. It delivers me a little unexpected gift, like a loved one coming home with a bunch of flowers when it’s not Valentine’s Day. This happened to me once again last night. I was invited to the Katara Ampitheatre Grand Opening. After an airport style screening process, audiences were […]

Traditional Dhow Exhibition


The First Traditional Dhow Exhibition was

Qatar in Pictures, October 2011

October Feature

Images from top left to right: The average temperature in October; Camels – a typical sight in Qatar; The first time I saw rain in Qatar; Halloween – The parents in my compound went all out with the Halloween decorations this year. Every day there was a new ghoul appearing around the club house; Katara; […]

Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Wrap Up

DTFF Outdoor Theatre


VCU Lecture Series: ‘Crossing Boundaries’

Crossing Boundaries Slide

Last week I went to a lecture at VCU which I think is definitely worth a mention. It was part of a series called ‘Crossing Boundaries’. VCU is a design-focused university so all of the talks will have an arty slant. I know nothing about art or design but I still found this talk really […]

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