Resources for pregnant women in Qatar

Pregnant in Qatar

If I ever pictured my pregnancy, I imagined myself surrounded by friends and family who diligently escorted me to ultrasounds and kept watch over my belly for 9 months. In reality, no one from my family saw me pregnant, except via Skype. And that’s ok. Because although having a baby abroad can be a lonely […]

Why my blog went quiet

The Pearl, Qatar

  10 years ago I worked in a hotel in a small Austrian ski village. It wasn’t a great experience – I ended up resigning after deciding that I didn’t really like cleaning the loos of English package tourists for €0.76/hour on a mountain with no snow. I had nothing to lose and the boss […]

Newbie Tuesdays: The pill


To my amazement, you can get the pill over the counter in any chemist/Boots in Qatar. Actually, in many places it’s not even over the counter. It’s on a shelf next to the counter, where the Freddo Frogs and Jellybeans should be! Is that just too radical and completely unexpected or what? Brands I’ve seen […]

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